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Commenting on Records


You can expand the record to view comments in the record's activity feed.

In the activity feed, you can also comment on particular records with following ways:

  • @Mention your collaborators in your space. People who are mentioned will receive notification.
  • Comment with emojis on other collaborators' comments.
  • Quote a comment for quick reply


If a collaborator doesn't have the permission accessing a datasheet, when he/she is mentioned in a record, he/she will still receive a notification, but will fail to open the datasheet.

When an emoji is commented on other collaborators' comments, they will not be notified.

Comments on records will remain in the activity feed until they are deleted.

Permissions for commenting

If you have the "Read-only", "Editor", "Manager" permission, you can comment on individual records in a datasheet.

Deleting comment

Members in the space can delete their own comments. Only administrators can delete everyone's comments.